“Body-Mind” Challenge

July 1 – July 31, 2017

Can you stay Mentally & Physically Focused for 25+ days in July?

Why take the Challenge?

95% of all People have aches & pains both mentally and physically….more than in any time in history! We seek answers outside of ourselves through pills, surgeries, quick fixes….when the answer is within us all the time. Do you have any aches and pains? Do you feel out of balance mentally and/or physically? Do you want to feel pain-free and balanced?

Then you must do something different…you must begin a new path in your life to create that positive change!!

The MBG 30 Day Mind-Body Challenge is that positive change and it’s set up for you to not only do the DAILY work AND change your lifestyle for the better! BUT to dramatically change how you feel, look and live!! YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!!!

You will feel lighter, more supple, move with greater ease and have the confidence to live at a higher level! But you must first do the work that creates the change!

We challenge YOU to Take on the MBG 30 Day Body Mind Challenge:

1st – Can YOU have a Warrior Discipline and attend / take / follow online our MBG BASE/EY/Mobility sequences for 25 or More days in July!!!? Just showing up is half the battle….but there’s more!!

2nd – Can YOU be ENGAGED and FOCUSED during each session for 25 or More days in July??!! This is the true test of a Warrior Mindset….being there AND being focused!!!

  • Just SHOW UP, follow along and the results will blow your minds!
  • This is NOT for the timid but ONLY for those TRULY wanting serious change!!
  • Once you begin this challenge your life will begin to change…
    • After 1 week you will feel lighter.
    • After 2nd week you will feel more balanced and in far less pain!
    • By your 3rd week you will begin to gain the confidence of knowing you can change your life for the better!
    • By the 4th week you will Be Stronger, More Balanced, More Supple, Have greater peace of mind and body AND momentum to continue a wonderful DAILY practice that changes your life forever!!

What You Get:

  • 31 days access to MBG Online

    • Detailed MBG Alignment programs B.A.S.E., Eishens Yoga and Mobility Training
    • Full Explanations / Videos of all sequences, poses, exercises and progressions for every level.
    • Full Explanation of how to do your before and after pictures
    • Full explanation of how to do your pre and post alignment tests
  • 1 on 1 Phone/Skype consultation before challenge starts

    • Before you even start let one of our elite trainers walk you through your goals: mental clarity, relief of aches and pains, better nutrition or simply feeling better, more balanced.
    • Sign up before May 20th and get your consultation with Jon Hinds!
  • 31 days of Plant-Strong Nutrition

    • Plant Strong Nutrition is VERY helpful in balancing the body and mind and so is a very important part of this challenge!
    • Plant-Strong recipes handpicked for your goal, whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, or maintenance.
  • 31 days of improving your alignment / posture

    • Before / After front, back, side pictures in swimsuit prior to day 1 and saturday day 31.
    • Taking your Alignment physical test before / after (week 1)

Are there winners?

  • YES! Winners and their stories are posted on the MBG site!

  • 1 Month of FREE access to MBG Madison or MBG Online!

  • A 1 on 1 consultation with Jon Hinds to help you continue to evolve your alignment / training and life to higher and higher levels!

  • PLUS a Very Cool MBG T-Shirt!


Sign up now and get your 1 on 1 consultation and May FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new to MBG Alignment training, is the 30 Day Body Mind challenge for me?

Absolutely!  The “Body Mind” Challenge is the perfect way to get started even if you have no experience. Our entire program is designed to walk you through step by step on how to begin our Alignment training, how to create better nutritional habits, all the while making it a “Live With” program and part of your life!

Do I need to workout at a gym?

No! You can actually do almost all our MBG Alignment sequences at home, outside or at a gym. You may occasionally need access to a door pull up bar and some yoga blocks but that is it about it. Although some of our online clients train at a gym, we have specific programs can be done in the comfort of your own home with no access to additional equipment.

Is the Challenge only for people who want to become pain-free?

No.  Participants have a huge range of goals including mental / mind balance, feeling more balanced for sports performance, simply feeling more aligned, light and supple on top of rid the body of aches and pains, and even to just get moving.  The Challenge will help you where you want it!

Have a question?

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