BASE Yoga (B.A.S.E)

BASE Yoga is the Only Method that Builds Both Mobility and Stability While Healing Injuries

The Components of BASE TrainingBASE incorporates Yoga poses, strength poses, and brachiation with the element of time to establish greater range of motion in people who are lacking it and stability in people who are overly mobile.  Holding positions for a certain amount of time allows a person to practice refining the pose or movement. You will not worry that you will not know  know how long you will hold a position!

Yoga PosesIt’s common knowledge that Yoga poses are beneficial, but it’s the simplest poses that can be the most helpful.  BASE is not about doing the most impressive looking poses like Eka Pada Sirasana (One Foot To Head Posture), but is about replicating poses that we do every day – like Mountain Pose or Front Warrior.  In each of the BASE Sequences, the poses are familiar to most people and achievable for all levels of strength.

Strength Positions and Brachiation – The strength poses used in the BASE class are meant to prepare the body for movement where range, load or speed is involved.  One of the strength poses used in the sequences is the Overhead Squat, which prepares the body for loaded front squats, Turkish Get-Ups, and all lunge exercises. This pose challenges the openness and balance of the ankles, hips and shoulders.  Brachiation prepares the body for upper body pulling movements by opening restricted areas in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists through hanging, but also develops balance and range of motion from fingers to shoulders.  It is the missing component in all yoga classes. 

Timed SequencesThe BASE Sequences are completed using an interval timer for 20 – 30 seconds per pose for a 20 to 30 minute session.



BASE Yoga can heal injuries many believe can only be fixed with surgery.

In the late 90’s, Jon Hinds ( owner and founder of Monkey Bar Gym), had trouble walking due to pain from a partially torn ACL, a torn meniscus, and 85% torn patella in his left knee.  He also suffered from severe back pain, forcing him to stop whatever he was doing and place his hands on his knees to reduce the agony.  Jon was one of the best fitness trainers in the country and even with his knowledge he couldn’t fix his knee until he met Roger Eischens.  Jon describes meeting Roger similar to Daniel meeting Mr. Miyagi in the first Karate Kid movie.  Jon would ask Roger question after question and Roger would answer them in a round about way that forced Jon to find the answer for himself.  Roger, who unfortunately passed away, was a sage.  Roger studied Yoga with Master B.K.S. Iyengar and Iyengar’s children in India for 15 years.  Unlike today, if a person wanted to become a yoga instructor, they traveled to India to study. Roger played football, basketball and wrestled.  He coached football and other athletics for three different college universities.  In the Eischens Yoga community, he is regarded as a guru, although he would probably never say this himself.  He was funny, unique, creative, fierce, and humble and he was a healer. 

It’s still extremely rare to find a Yogi that is also a high-level athlete or vice versa, but this describes both Roger and Jon.  Roger changed Jon’s life in their first meeting.  In one session with him, Jon’s back pain was gone.  Jon was so blown away by Roger’s spirit and healing abilities that he considered him his mentor and trained with him for years.  During one of their many conversations, Jon asked Roger his thoughts on combining his unique style of Yoga with his own unique style of training.  Roger thought this idea was revolutionary, and this started the development of the MBG BASE Class – Building Alignment and Stability through Extension.


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