We offer courses (seminars and certification courses) for all levels of training and alignment / postural development. 

These courses lead you to either evolution of self for individual health & happiness and/or to benefit the health & happiness of others by becoming an MBG certified trainer.

 MBG Level 1 Course



This is the beginning of understanding the MBG Way. The 2.5-day course introduces the Monkey Bar Gym training philosophy, theory, and basic training methods.

 B.A.S.E. Seminar

All levels

B.A.S.E. (Building Alignment, Stability and Extension) seminar is the MBG class/practice of prehab & rehab of body misalignments, aches and pains. Learn simple B.A.S.E. sequences and movements that will help you to heal your aches and pains, prevent injury, and increase performance as well as learn how to help others in the process.  This is a seminar designed specifically for MBG members, MBG Online members and those interested in a more intense daily alignment practice.

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MBG 15/15 Workout
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The most efficient workout for strength and power.
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Upcoming Event - November 18th

Kettlebell Olympic Lifts - Seminar

[✅]   Learn the Snatch Squats and Jerk Squats
[✅]   BASE alignment drills to enhance your KB “O” lifts
[✅]   Easy to follow progressions to work on at home, at your gym, or outside.
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