First functional sports performance training facility in the country.

Looking for a place to train during the CrossFit Games?

We had a great time last year hosting strong, fit people from all across the county.

No need to travel great distances, the Monkey Bar Gym is located at 1876 E Washington Ave, just 4 miles away from the Alliant Energy Center and located along the Yahara River bike path!

About Monkey Bar Gym

Jon Hinds founded MBG in January 2000 as the first 100% functional training gym in the country.

This was a very daring step to take as all gyms at this time used machines for fitness…not the body! Jon argued that true health is based on the pure intuitive movements of running, jumping, crawling, climbing, reacting and rolling mixed with natural whole body alignment training and plant-strong nutrition.

Training at MBG

MBG would love to be your home gym during the 2018 CrossFit Games!

Whether you want to train hard for strength, conditioning, and power or recover the body with some active alignment and yoga, we have a class for you.  See the full class schedule here.

You can purchase your drop-in class(es) below:

  • 1 Class – $25
  • 3 Classes – $60
  • 5 Classes – $90
  • 10 Classes + T-Shirt – $150

All classes purchased will be valid from July 27th, 2018 through August 7th, 2018.

Madison, WI – Headquarters

MBG - Madison

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Madison, WI – Headquarters

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MBG - Madison

Monkey Bar Gym

Our philosophy is based on three foundations that build on one another to produce the most holistic approach in the industry: Natural Training, Restoration Yoga, and Plant-Based Nutrition. By engaging in this “Wheel of Life,” you will learn the skills necessary to rebuild and realign your body, train like a warrior, and eat plant strong. Combined, these three aspects are called MBG3.

We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet.

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