Hand to Hand (H2H) Kettlebell Seminar

Madison – July 8, 10am-12pm

Milwaukee – July 22nd, 1:30 – 3:30

What is Hand to Hand Kettlebell training?

An extremely Fun, Artistic and Healthy way of using a Kettlebell that can get you into amazing shape without ever doing a single rep!!:) YOU are going to learn how to juggle, throw, catch and release a kettlebell in a smooth and controlled manner. Performing this H2H practice makes you adept at moving smoothly and effortlessly while throwing kettlebells up to half your bodyweight!

Why take this H2H KB Seminar?

Because it’s fun as hell!!! And it’s a completely different way to train!! And if you’re going to do H2H Kettlebell Training you want to make sure to learn how to do it safe and efficiently.

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B.A.S.E. Seminar

July 22nd – Milwaukee, WI – 11am-1pm

August 12th – Madison, WI – 10am-12pm

Learn the Secrets to Healing Aches, Alleviating Pains, and Preventing Injuries

  • Release stiffness in the back by reversing pelvic tilt
  • Fix rounded shoulders and an aching neck from desk jobs and cell phones
  • Prepare the body for sports, hiking, yard work, or any other activity you desire
  • Improve range of motion without sacrificing strength or stability
  • Save time and money with short, efficient sequences
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CNT Course

When:  August 5-6

Where: Madison, WI

This is the beginning of understanding the MBG Way. The 2-day course introduces the Monkey Bar Gym training philosophy, theory, and basic training methods.

If you are serious about improving your health, fitness, and athletic performance then the MBG level 1 course is your first step. This is a level 1 course, so it’s all about giving you the basics in MBG 3…our training, alignment, and plant-based nutrition programs. This 2-day course is a prerequisite to continuing education and training. The level 1 attendee will be tested at the end of the course on the material covered.

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