CNT Course

When:  September 9-10

Where: Madison, WI

This is the beginning of understanding the MBG Way. The 2-day course introduces the Monkey Bar Gym training philosophy, theory, and basic training methods.

If you are serious about improving your health, fitness, and athletic performance then the MBG level 1 course is your first step. This is a level 1 course, so it’s all about giving you the basics in MBG 3…our training, alignment, and plant-based nutrition programs. This 2-day course is a prerequisite to continuing education and training. The level 1 attendee will be tested at the end of the course on the material covered.

Friends and Family Week

When:  September 11 – 16

Where: Madison, WI

Come join us for a free week of unlimited classes!  We are opening the doors to all our friends, family and fans for an entire week.

– MBG strength training!
– MBG Boot Camp
– Brazilian jujitsu
– BASE and EISCHENS yoga alignment classes

Available to all people all levels!!! Come on and have a great time learning how to get healthier and happier by moving better

60 Day Challenge

When:  September 16 – November 15

Where: Madison, WI

Do you want to lose 17.4lbs fat and gain 5.6 lbs of muscle? This is just the average change participants can expect when joining the MBG 60 Day Challenge.

The challenge is perfect for anyone looking to kickstart a new healthy habit. Whether you are just getting started and trying to create a sustainable plan, or experienced and are looking to take your training to the next level, the MBG 60 Day Challenge will guide on through the entire process.

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Upcoming Event - November 18th

Kettlebell Olympic Lifts - Seminar

[✅]   Learn the Snatch Squats and Jerk Squats
[✅]   BASE alignment drills to enhance your KB “O” lifts
[✅]   Easy to follow progressions to work on at home, at your gym, or outside.
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