Kettlebell Olympic Lifts – Seminar

Madison, WI – November 18th, 10am-12pm

This FIRST Olympic lifts with Kettlebell seminar will teach you the proper positioning and technique to transform your movement and performance skills to another level.


✅  Learn the Snatch Squats and Jerk Squats

✅  BASE alignment drills to enhance your KB “O” lifts

✅  Easy to follow progressions to work on at home, at your gym, or outside.

✅  Increased performance for sprinting, jumping and other dynamic athletic movements

What are kettlebell Olympic lifts?

Do you like the idea of doing these but not the dangers and the high degree of time, technique and skills?  Then learn the same movements with kettlebells.


  • A LOT safer to learn
  • LESS learning curve
  • HIGH level results in power and strength
  • EASY to use and perform anywhere

Jon Hinds (owner, founder) and his wife Jessica have been RKC certified instructors since 2002.  Combined with their 50+ years experience in natural and functional training, yoga and alignment work help provide the safest learning experience anywhere.

Learning these two powerful movements (with BASE Alignment) OPENS the body up and dramatically improves posture and alignment.

Madison – November 18th – 10am-12pm – $49

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