A proven system to get strong, fast and lean without wasting time and money


MBG Online is a step-by-step fitness program with progressive workouts, detailed how-to videos, and expert support all in one place.

Are You Just “Winging It?”

Showing up at the gym and just doing whatever the latest article told you was a good idea?

Have been following a “plan” and just not seeing any results?

Or maybe you haven’t even started and just want to make sure you aren’t wasting time or money?

If you are “winging it,” don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. In fact, 9/10 people looking to get fit and healthy are training incorrectly.


Learn the SPECIFIC training routine you need to be following for YOUR goals


Detailed exercise videos to save you THOUSANDS of dollars you would spend on a personal trainer (who might not even be qualified in the first place)


Save MONTHS of trial and error trying to scale exercises to your own level of fitness.

“I saw a need to give people a place that was really fun to workout at. A place that did movements that are innate in all of us, 110% functional, and done in a group setting where camaraderie, challenge and encouragement are as normal as breathing. The way we train at MBG builds individual strength & confidence, and also community strength & confidence….

We inspire people to inspire others. This not only reflects one person to another, but it also spreads into helping our community and on a larger scale, the planet. I encourage Plant-Based Nutrition, but I don’t push it. My goal is to get people to reduce carbon emissions and global warming, which can be done by eating locally and by eating more plant-based foods. People helping Planet.

The yoga we use in our training, Eischens Yoga, involves People Helping People through partner feedback. Rodger Eischen, my friend and mentor, taught me some of the most profound and yet simple techniques to engage weak muscles in the body and dramatically improve the alignment of the human body… I continuously strive to help people help themselves, others, and the planet!”

-Jon Hinds, Owner and Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym


The MBG Online Fitness Program is right for you if…


You’ve been exercising for months or years and are FRUSTRATED with the lack of any real progress towards your goals.  You are ready for an actual plan relevant to you.


You are ready to begin training but there is TOO MUCH information out there and you don’t know where to start.


You’ve heard about the success of others using but you’ve held back because you’re AFRAID that it’s too risky, too expensive or too complicated.


You want access to ELITE trainers who have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions without paying $60/hour for a personal trainer.

Get access to the program wherever you are

  • See the workouts on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.  No internet?  Download the PDFs!
  • Detailed how-to videos and explanations
  • Warmup, workout, finisher, cooldown all in one place.  No guessing.
  • Yoga routines and tips for your off-days.

Intelligent Training Plans

  • Sane workouts designed to improve your fitness without the burnout
  • Routines for building Strength, Conditioning, Speed, Core and Power
  • Workouts scale as you reach bigger and bigger goals

Video Library

  • Detailed videos of every exercise in the program
  • Tips on how to make an exercise fit your current level
  • Options for alternatives if you are on the road or missing equipment

Access to expert trainers

  • Elite trainers online answering your questions
  • Exclusive Q&As


  • Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded people to help encourage, share recipes and make progress.

Yoga and BASE

  • Detailed videos to get the most out of every pose.
  • Specific routines for back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and more.
  • How to properly warm-up and cool-down

Nutrition Plans

  • Plans for weight loss, muscle gain, getting lean
  • How to transition to plant based diet
  • Access to our favorite recipes

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