Bodyweight REVAMPED $149

1x payment

  •  Master Bodyweight Instruction
  • Build unbelievable  size & strength!
  • 3 Levels of Training
  • 8 Week program
  • BAASE alignment and restoration training
  • BOLT breath training daily
  • Amazing MBG Community that meets DAILY for BWR workouts!!
  • LIVE DAILY BWR WORKOUTS starting  5/9/22 at 11am CST

Body Mastery 100 - A Physical and Mental Transformation Program


4x payment

100 days of BAASE alignment and mindset training 

  • Eliminate chronic aches and pains!
  • Improve physique
  • Gain greater range of motion!
  • Live and recorded Zoom classes 6 days a week
  • 4 months of programming
  • Meditation and Qigong practice
  • Classes taught by Master Instructors Jon & Jessica Hinds

BM100 Testimonials

Looking for a daily regime to relieve aches & pains? Then the BM100 and the Warrior 1 Sequence is for you!
This full-body 48 minute sequence, used in the BODY MASTERY 100 program, will not only leave you feeling more aligned but will also leave you that awesome after workout feeling.  There are different strength levels for certain poses which are explained and shown.  - George Mahan


WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PROGRAM! It was everything I thought it might do for me and more!!
BEFORE BM 100……………END of BM100 

Beg. Squat x 3 lbs Bar……Advanced Squats x 9lb Bar x 30 reps!

Beg. Handstand x 45 sec..... Advanced Handstand x 2 min 50 seconds!

Bar hang x 20 secs.....Bar hang 2 minutes!! 

Beg. Hip Extension x 1/2 range……Advanced Hip Ext x 30 reps to forehead & and Full ROM!! 

Active Side Splits x 52 inches......72 inches!!! 

Shoulder Rotators x 5 lbs x 75 reps in 5 min....8lbs x 50 reps 

Beginner Back Dome x 5 secs…..Intermediate Back Dome x 12 secs!

BOLT breath hold  x 1 min…..end of 100 days x 3:06!!

Did not expect the depth of the content or these results...AMAZING!
All thanks to J and J - Kathy L.



1x payment

100% Alignment & Full Range of Motion focused!

  • Reduction or Elimination of all Aches & Pains!
  • Strength through full Range of Motion!
  • 3 Levels for all workouts
  • 6 Workouts per week
  • 6 Weeks of programming
  • Plant Strong Nutrition program (no diet just simple & effective!)
  • Classes taught by Master Instructors Jon & Jessica Hinds

Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Program


1x payment

  • Master KB instruction for Maximum results
  • 3 Levels of Training to match & challenge you perfect!
  • Build KB Strength, Size & Power!!
  • BAASE alignment training to Align & Balance
  • BOLT breath training to Strengthen Lungs
  • Amazing MBG Community!!
  • Pre and Post Testing
  • Bonus materials and resources



  •  8 Week Program to MAXIMIZE conditioning
  • DAILY recorded classes that burn bodyfat!
  • Master Level Instruction to reach your META Max!
  • 3 Levels of Training to challenge you perfect!
  • Simple time efficient program!!...with Coaching!!
  • BAASE alignment and restoration training