Quick Fix For Tight Hips, Locked Knees, Protruding Belly

Tight hips are one of the top causes of back pain.  Want a quick fix that you can do on your own or with a partner?

  • [1:50] How does core training help with back pain and posture?
  • [3:00] Creating shin forward action
    • What does a negative shin angle mean?
    • Learning how to work the heels into the ground
  • [5:00] Supine Mountain with partner feedback
    • Toes pulled up
    • Heels working down, ankles working in
    • Lift calves barely off the ground
    • Partner adds weight about 3/4 up the shin (only as much as they can maintain the position)
    • Work the shins up without bending at the knees
    • Hold for 30-60 seconds
  • [9:20] Supine Mountain on your own
    • Make sure to use the block to keep your feet in a neutral position
    • Drive the heels into the ground
    • Work the tailbone towards the heels (tilting the hips)
    • Then take as much weight off the butt as you can without compromising the rest of the cues
    • Shaking is OK!
  • [13:30] How the muscles work in poor alignment
    • How tight hips leads to a splayed belly
    • Hamstrings and Calves = Long muscles = weak
    • Hip flexors and quads = short muscles = tight and inefficient


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