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Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to come up with an exercise plan that not only works but is efficient?  Have you ever felt unsure about training due to past or current injuries? Well look no further. We're here to help!

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Daily Workouts

8-Week Strength and Metabolic training program for in-gym or at home. Live Zoom and recorded classes. Access to 100's of videos through our Exercise Video Library.


Specific alignment sequences to relieve specific aches and pains.  Our BAASE program is the perfect supplement training to our Daily Workouts. Live Zoom and recorded classes.

Individualized Feedback 

Daily Coaching feedback, tips and strategies from the owners.  Get support by connecting with other MBG Members through our Community forum.

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What People are Saying....


My fitness has increased so much that workouts that used to raise my heart rate, no longer raise it.   I use a Whoop strap to monitor my recovery and sleep. It also tracks my "strain" which is some measure of max heart rate. My daily strain at the beginning of the program  was usually between 14 and 18 (which is considered "strenuous"). The last week of the program my strain dropped consistently to between 8 and 10! I credit Monkey Bar Gym 100 percent!


The individual feedback matters a lot, even if it’s one positive comment during the session. I really appreciated it every time. The positivity is key and very motivating. Especially when combined with a “strive for more” attitude.

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