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Do you need to have more strength, power and conditioning to play your sport? Do you want to lose fat and be able to run around the playground with your kids? Do you long to live without back, neck and other pains? We are the gym where you achieve your goals.
The Monkey Bar Gym has proven workouts for increasing strength with the Body Power classes and Boot Camp classes for losing weight and improving your conditioning.  Monkey Bar Gym Madison also offers both BASE yoga and Eischens yoga to keep you supple and pain-free, plus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes so you can reach your martial arts goals.

Join us here at the Madison WI gym, one of the MBG affiliates around the country or workout at home with our online training program.



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The Monkey Bar Gym Training Program

Monkey Bar Gym Training Programs Jon Hinds, Founder of MBG and NBA, NFL and celebrity Strength & Conditioning coach The training programs at the Monkey Bar Gym are crafted to reap the highest levels of health, happiness and fitness for each individual. Over 30...
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Coffee – Good or Bad?

The BeheaCOFFEE – GOOD OR BAD? Should you drink coffee, the world’s most commonly used pick-me-up? Jessica Hinds, CNT Elite, RKC, KB MS   INTRODUCTION I met Jonny 14 years ago. He didn’t drink coffee, in fact, he stayed as far away from it as he does...
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Improving your sleep quality

By Simon Young, Owner of Monkey Bar Gym Vancouver Island One of the most underrated characteristics of getting great results is sleep. Getting a good night’s rest can not only help you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to attack each day, but it will also enhance...
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I’ve been training here for a little over 1 year now. The class-style workouts really help me stay motivated and the trainers have been great. There are classes that focus on building strength, high intensity interval workouts, stability/mobility and Eischens yoga. You will also see some crossover, with the yoga, for example, popping up in ways you might not expect.

Jeff B.

Great gym. Enthusiastic and talented trainers. Excellent supportive environment. Whether you’re looking for stability, strength or power, Monkey Bar Gym will push you to new heights in any of these areas.

Patrick S.

The expert teaching, kick-butt conditioning, and supportive community at MBG have been helping me achieve my goals on and off the ice for seven years. Our team just won the national women’s over-50 hockey championship — couldn’t have done it without the training and support of Monkey Bar Gym!
Deb A.

I started at the Monkey Bar Gym with the 60-day challenge. It is a great way to learn all the basics and get your form down so you can feel confident with every work out. I never thought I would like a gym this much, but I keep coming back after more than three years. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and I have made gains in my strength and ability that I never thought would be possible.
Tim M.











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