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“Regardless of your current fitness level, whether you are a high-level athlete or have never worked out in your entire life, the Monkey Bar Gymnasium will be a welcoming place that will accommodate any injuries or weaknesses that you have, and will ensure that you are challenged and constantly progressing towards your own personal goals.”


“The first 60 days was a blast…I’m definitely quicker, I’m a lot thinner, a lot stronger than I used to be.  I used to be at the gym weightlifting… I’ve gone mostly vegan…I’ve completely changed. I’m stronger than I used to be eating meat, dairy, breads. I’ve changed as a person… I’ve got a more positive outlook, and my disposition and everything is greater.”


“I’ve had an exponential growth in strength and power since I’ve started the MBG workouts. As a small, female Krav Maga instructor, strength and conditioning are of the utmost importance. Even my students have noticed when holding pads for me that my strikes are stronger. Also, very importantly, my aches are less.”


“My favorite feature of the program is the access to videos with detailed cues and with proper instruction to ensure that the movements are being performed safely. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a training plan, who is looking for something beyond the home DVD collections, who seek actual real time response and interaction with gym members all over the world.”


“Hey guys I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of the routine and introducing me to kettlebell and bodyweight training. Since I discovered your website It changed my life, physique and physical condition.”


“Plant-based and holistic, Monkey Bar Gym works your body and your mind. It’s never dull, always a great challenge. It even helped me strengthen my injured back!”