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FOOT UP FRONT WARRIOR - the athletes best friend!


If you have tight hips and want some instant relief do this movement...we call it Foot Up Front Warrior and we've been coaching people on this movement for over 20 years. It's simple and super effective for all people...especially athletes!!

6 Week BODYWEIGHT / ISO Challenge: https://www.monkeybargym.com/programs

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GOT TIGHT HIPS? Here's ONE amazing solution!


If you have tight hips in order to reduce the pain associated with tight hips you need to actively engage  the proper muscles in order to create balance in the hips. ONE pose we go to often is BUTTERFLY BRIDGE. Here are 5 benefits of doing butterfly bridge daily:

  1. Has specific Active Alignment that creates balance in the hips.
  2. Loosen the tight muscles AND engages / strengthens the weak ones.
  3. Dramatically opens the hips
  4. Clearly shows you which hip is tight when the hip lifted drops....left hip drops means the right hip is unstable.
  5. Easily can fix and balance within minutes to relieve pain and feel great!!
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What is Brachiation? And Why is it so beneficial?

Well Brachiation is something all primates have been doing for a LONG time!! It's the hanging or swinging in the trees! AND it's incredibly healthy for us to do on a regular basis!

Here are the 5 reasons WHY BRACHIATION IS SO AWESOME!

  1. Opens tight fascia
  2. Balances out our muscles surrounding the joints of the arms, spine
  3. Improves our joint range of motion
  4. Dramatically improves our grip strength
  5. Can be done anywhere! At home, in a park, at the gym!

How do you stand in terms of healthy brachiation? How long can you hold a 1 arm brachiation hang....no legs on the floor!

Beginners - use 2 arms....more advanced go for 1 arm

Primates can easily hang off 1 arm for 10-15 minutes!!

I'm asking you to try and hang for 2 minutes at any of the levels!

Very good for humans.....1 arm....can switch when you like (BUT STILL DONT TOUCH THE GROUND) for 5 or more minutes!!....BEGINNERS shoot for 2 minutes on 2 arms!

Comment on how well you do okay!!


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Relieve or Eliminate Knee Pain with Two Simple Exercises


Relieve or Eliminate Knee Pain with Two Simple Exercises

Knee pain can result from overuse, injury from contact sports or an accident, poor nutrition or range of motion deficit to name just a few.  Regardless of the reason, imbalance is the main cause of chronic knee pain.  Whether it's muscle imbalance or nutrition imbalance. 

Some of our most common solutions to fix knee pain only mask the issue of imbalance or worse yet, don't even consider imbalance as an issue.  But there are ways to take your healing into your own hands.  

The Zoom Class recording discusses common knee pain diagnosis, common ways to fix them and why they don't always work and then walks you through the two positions you can practice to re-balance the muscles that can reduce or eliminate knee pain. 

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Haven't you ever wondered which CORE exercise tested is actually the very best? In order to prove which works the best you have to see which core exercise makes the abs, obliques contract the hardest on 1 single rep!! In 1994 i invented the Power Wheel (Ab Wheel) for Lifeline USA. I knew it had the most intense ab/core contraction you could make but i wanted to really know....is my invention the very best? Why would mine be best? Because without question it put the body in the most UN-stable environment possible with Power Wheel on your hands AND on your feet! FACT is the more un-stable an environment one can adapt too the stronger one gets....and NOTHING else can make you as un-stable as my Power Wheel. Lever type movements = Power Wheel Rollouts CHECK....Crawling on hands with feet un-stable...CHECK....Plyos across the turf CHECK....Tucks, Pike ups, Leg Curls....unstable MAKES the body stable!! Suprisingly in the early 2000s the UC- Sacramento reached out to me and asked if my...

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1,000 Push Ups in 55 minutes!!!

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2020

Jon Hinds 1,000 Push Ups in 55 min!

Sometimes in life you gotta do things that scare you...that challenge you mentally, physically and spiritually....so i saw some young kid did 1,000 push ups in less than an hour...made me think...i did that 20 years ago...almost to the day!! SO i just said go and do it! So this is my video of how it went.

20 years ago i trained and planned to go for Jack Lalannes World Record of 1,000 in 23 minutes. As i was training i quickly realized you cannot do this in one set, you must have a game plan. And that is how i developed the 15/15 workout style that we've been doing ever since at the MBG. 15 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest until done is how i planned it:) Over the years we do 15/15's as they are called for 5, 10 or even 20 or more minutes. For the 1,000 push ups, my plan was simple...do 15/15 for 50 minute with sets of 10 and i will be done with all 1,000 push ups.

So as it began i felt pretty good, hitting 10 every 15 seconds, resting the...

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Training to do NO KIP Muscle Ups

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2020

MUSCLE UPS!!! Geez, i've been doing them for over 10 years...always with a big kip! I've also been wanting to do them with ZERO KIPPING. Realization of the fact that i have some work ahead of me was a punch in the gut:) First off what is the difference of the two types of muscle ups?

Momentum versus NO Momentum.....(Kipping versus Strict)

Over the last 10 years i have always just done kipping (momentum) based muscle ups because as i argued...i'm 215 pounds and it's super rare or dang near impossible for guys my size to do strict no momentum / kipping muscle ups. Well...it's not impossible, Zef (my good friend and A number 1 Bar-barian) showed my via videos of some other Bar-barian guys from around the world....is it easy? NO....well i'm always up for a challenge and to be honest i'm sort of obsessed with getting strict muscle ups.

My challenge? Improving my pullup speed and range AND improving my transition over the bar and continue to develop my dip at the top...which is pretty...

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Strength & How to Progress!!

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019


No failure or fatiqued reps....dont do cheat reps!

Challenge constantly...improve each week by 10-15%

Whats your goals? Strength, Conditioning or Both?

OK, now ....take todays workout for example and listen to my advice.

Then go and apply it and i promise you will have a awesome workout!!


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