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FOOT UP FRONT WARRIOR - the athletes best friend!


If you have tight hips and want some instant relief do this movement...we call it Foot Up Front Warrior and we've been coaching people on this movement for over 20 years. It's simple and super effective for all people...especially athletes!!

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GOT TIGHT HIPS? Here's ONE amazing solution!


If you have tight hips in order to reduce the pain associated with tight hips you need to actively engage  the proper muscles in order to create balance in the hips. ONE pose we go to often is BUTTERFLY BRIDGE. Here are 5 benefits of doing butterfly bridge daily:

  1. Has specific Active Alignment that creates balance in the hips.
  2. Loosen the tight muscles AND engages / strengthens the weak ones.
  3. Dramatically opens the hips
  4. Clearly shows you which hip is tight when the hip lifted drops....left hip drops means the right hip is unstable.
  5. Easily can fix and balance within minutes to relieve pain and feel great!!
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