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About Us

Jon & Jessica Hinds


Jessica and I have a HUGE amount of experience and knowledge to help YOU!

Starting as a Strength Coach at 16, then the NBA at 25, then I founded Monkey Bar Gym (MBG) in January 2000 as the first 100% functional training gym in the country.

This was a very daring step to take as all gyms at this time used machines for fitness…not the body! I argued that true health is based on the pure intuitive movements of running, jumping, crawling, climbing, reacting and rolling mixed with natural whole body alignment training and plant-strong nutrition. 

Before opening my own gym, I already had over 30 years training others at the highest level.

  • YOU want performance training? I was an NBA and NFL Strength Coach
    Tony Gonzalez, Penny Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, Wesley Matthews, Jimmy Butler, Kron Gracie (World Champion Brazilian Jiu-jitsu), Antoni Hardonk (UFC Top 5 Ranked Fighter), and many many more.
  • YOU want great looking results? I was a Celebrity Personal Trainer to some of the biggest names in the world!
    Tony Robbins (Fitness Advisor and Part of his Life Mastery Course), Woody Harrelson, Steve Guttenberg, and more.
  • YOU want Movement Skills? I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Luiz Claudio Augusto (since 1994)
    Gold medal winner at the Pan American games in 2000
    Gold medal winner at Rickson Gracie International BJJ World Championships in 2001.
  • YOU want outside the box thinking? I am the creator of over 30 patented pieces of sports specific exercise equipment

I saw a need to give people a place that was really fun to workout at. A place that did movements that are innate in all of us, 110% functional, and done in a group setting where camaraderie, challenge, and encouragement are as normal as breathing. The way we train at MBG builds individual strength & confidence, and also community strength & confidence….”

I met and joined Jonny and the Monkey Bar Gym in 2001 and haven't looked back since.  Unlike what most think, I didn't start out as a fitness enthusiast, in fact I worked as a legal secretary and paralegal before transitioning into fitness full-time.  In the past 19 years i have dived deep into the field of BAASE alignment training and yoga.

  • YOU want to knowledge of breaking up tightness in the body? I am a Certified Nuero-Muscular Therapist
    Currently I work as a massage therapist and nueromuscular therapist. I help people recover and avoid issues like plantaar fasciitis, rotator cuff issues, lower back pain and reducing scar tissue.
  • YOU want to learn how to refine your movement & balance? I am a BAASE Master Instructor and Yoga Therapist
    With almost 20 years of training and working with my husband and countless others, I have been able to dive deep into alignment training. I focus on making sure my clients understand their anatomy, and train them to comprehend reciprocal inhibition to promote all around healing. I help people to become more self-aware and encourage them to take responsibility for healing their own aches and pains.
  • YOU want to know about your internal system? I am also a Certified Reflexologist
    I Interned under my mentor, Morris Hartman(Master Reflexologist) and practice the art of using specific pressure points mostly on the feet to bring balance to the body by increasing circulation, relaxing muscle tissue and stimulating glands.

"It's important to me that my students and clients do not rely on me to fix their health issues but that they realize they are the master of their own health whether it's good or bad, they have the control.  I'm here to help guide them but my goal is to make sure they they have a clear understanding that their health lays in their hands."


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