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FOOT UP FRONT WARRIOR - the athletes best friend!


If you have tight hips and want some instant relief do this movement...we call it Foot Up Front Warrior and we've been coaching people on this movement for over 20 years. It's simple and super effective for all people...especially athletes!!

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What is Brachiation? And Why is it so beneficial?

Well Brachiation is something all primates have been doing for a LONG time!! It's the hanging or swinging in the trees! AND it's incredibly healthy for us to do on a regular basis!

Here are the 5 reasons WHY BRACHIATION IS SO AWESOME!

  1. Opens tight fascia
  2. Balances out our muscles surrounding the joints of the arms, spine
  3. Improves our joint range of motion
  4. Dramatically improves our grip strength
  5. Can be done anywhere! At home, in a park, at the gym!

How do you stand in terms of healthy brachiation? How long can you hold a 1 arm brachiation hang....no legs on the floor!

Beginners - use 2 arms....more advanced go for 1 arm

Primates can easily hang off 1 arm for 10-15 minutes!!

I'm asking you to try and hang for 2 minutes at any of the levels!

Very good for humans.....1 arm....can switch when you like (BUT STILL DONT TOUCH THE GROUND) for 5 or more minutes!!....BEGINNERS shoot for 2 minutes on 2 arms!

Comment on how well you do okay!!


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Haven't you ever wondered which CORE exercise tested is actually the very best? In order to prove which works the best you have to see which core exercise makes the abs, obliques contract the hardest on 1 single rep!! In 1994 i invented the Power Wheel (Ab Wheel) for Lifeline USA. I knew it had the most intense ab/core contraction you could make but i wanted to really know....is my invention the very best? Why would mine be best? Because without question it put the body in the most UN-stable environment possible with Power Wheel on your hands AND on your feet! FACT is the more un-stable an environment one can adapt too the stronger one gets....and NOTHING else can make you as un-stable as my Power Wheel. Lever type movements = Power Wheel Rollouts CHECK....Crawling on hands with feet un-stable...CHECK....Plyos across the turf CHECK....Tucks, Pike ups, Leg Curls....unstable MAKES the body stable!! Suprisingly in the early 2000s the UC- Sacramento reached out to me and asked if my...

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