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ab wheel bodyweight training core trainer jon hinds monkey bar gym power wheel Jul 22, 2021

Haven't you ever wondered which CORE exercise tested is actually the very best? In order to prove which works the best you have to see which core exercise makes the abs, obliques contract the hardest on 1 single rep!! In 1994 i invented the Power Wheel (Ab Wheel) for Lifeline USA. I knew it had the most intense ab/core contraction you could make but i wanted to really my invention the very best? Why would mine be best? Because without question it put the body in the most UN-stable environment possible with Power Wheel on your hands AND on your feet! FACT is the more un-stable an environment one can adapt too the stronger one gets....and NOTHING else can make you as un-stable as my Power Wheel. Lever type movements = Power Wheel Rollouts CHECK....Crawling on hands with feet un-stable...CHECK....Plyos across the turf CHECK....Tucks, Pike ups, Leg Curls....unstable MAKES the body stable!! Suprisingly in the early 2000s the UC- Sacramento reached out to me and asked if my Power Wheel could be part of their study to see...which Core Exercise was truly #1!! I was super happy because i knew my Power Wheel would win!! And you know what? It did!! On most intense abdominal, oblique contractions....#1!! In May of 2006 the University of California - Sacramento did an EMG (electromyographic) analysis of traditional and non-traditional Abdominal Exercises and the results proved just what i knew they would. They compared it to multiple other pieces of equipment and across the board My Power Wheel Ab Trainer WON!! Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Inner and External Obliques! Proving that ONE single piece of PORTABLE exercise equipment...the Power Wheel which i invented in 1994 across the board, made the strongest isometric EMG contractions! If you want to see the exact numbers look it up in PHYSICAL THERAPY, Volume 86, Number 5, May 2006! SO....HOW to get the most intense CORE, Ab engagement possible! PROVEN by science!! The Power Wheel for Rollouts, Crawling, Pike ups, Leg Curls, Tucks and more (which i invented in 1994) is still the #1 Core Trainer in the WORLD!! AND doing this ONE SET as i demonstrate will make your Core stronger than it's ever been!! Hope you like this video and it inspires you to try to do this single set daily!!.....for 1 Month....and i promise you will dramatically change how strong and powerful your core, abs become!! If you want more details on how to use the Power Wheel just ask and i'll make some videos! Please LIKE, SHARE this video as we appreciate it alot:) Jon Hinds

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