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Training to do NO KIP Muscle Ups

Jul 01, 2020

MUSCLE UPS!!! Geez, i've been doing them for over 10 years...always with a big kip! I've also been wanting to do them with ZERO KIPPING. Realization of the fact that i have some work ahead of me was a punch in the gut:) First off what is the difference of the two types of muscle ups?

Momentum versus NO Momentum.....(Kipping versus Strict)

Over the last 10 years i have always just done kipping (momentum) based muscle ups because as i argued...i'm 215 pounds and it's super rare or dang near impossible for guys my size to do strict no momentum / kipping muscle ups.'s not impossible, Zef (my good friend and A number 1 Bar-barian) showed my via videos of some other Bar-barian guys from around the it easy? NO....well i'm always up for a challenge and to be honest i'm sort of obsessed with getting strict muscle ups.

My challenge? Improving my pullup speed and range AND improving my transition over the bar and continue to develop my dip at the top...which is pretty strong as i can do single bar dips to my chest pretty well right now.

PART 1: I'm pretty good at pullups (18 right now) BUT my speed of pulls is i gotta work speed out of the bottom of each rep AND work on pulling to my chest and then sternum as i progress!

PART 2: Because i always did a big laying back type of muscle ups before, now i have to change course and work to stay close to the bar, keep my body pretty vertical.

Part 3: Keep working the bar dips to add some range to the bottom of my bar dips (this helps muscle ups big time!).

SO my GOAL is to get clean, no momentum muscle ups by my birthday: June 4th!!

Currently i'm doing 18 pullups, chin barely above bar, maybe 1 to my chest, 0 to dips i can do 10 - 12 deep reps to my chest

VIDEO ABOVE is showing me doing assisted no kipping muscle ups with 2 light bands. My reps have almost doubled (up to 12) in the last step go to 1 band for 12-15 reps (currently i'm at 3:)

Stay tuned, ask any questions you like okay:)


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