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Do you have back pain?

Jan 17, 2024

Warrior 3 is a pose that develops strength because it requires balance, but it can also relieve back pain and stiffness. Allowing the back foot to rest on a wall feels safe and gives a sense of stability. One of the tips I've used, given to me by a yogi I learned from, was how to feel the lift of the body and the leg equally.  

Imagine doing the pose while standing in water up to groin level. Your arms are submerged in the water with the fingertips lightly touching the yoga blocks. Your chest should lightly touch the top of the water level, barely creating a ripple. Lift the back leg without dropping the chest any deeper into the water. In the finished pose, the eyes are looking forward, the chest is lightly touching the water, and the front of the lifted leg is touching the water as little as the chest. The front of the thigh, knee, and shin are also on the same level as the chest and front of the hip of the lifted leg. The foot's front half is submerged in the water to the ankle's front.

Advancing the Position:
To advance this pose, take the hands off the block without disturbing the line of the body and take the arms out to your sides with both palms facing down. If using the water analogy for alignment, the biceps, elbow pits, the underside of the forearms, and palms are evenly touching the water.

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