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Can't touch your toes? Try this Hack!

Jan 19, 2024

Jonny and I smile when someone says they can no longer touch their toes when bending over. Touching your toes has become a staple measurement for maintaining youthful flexibility. Although we may believe the limitation of this flexibility stems from lower back issues or tight hamstrings, the root of the problem starts at the bottom of the feet.


Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, and other experts in the field of connective tissue have shown there are many connective tissue lines in the body. These lines follow our movement patterns. When disrupted by an external force, a negative internal dialogue, or simply a lack of movement, the range of motion becomes compromised and contracts. One, if not the main fascial line connected to the limitation of bending over and touching your toes, is called the Superficial Back Line.  


The Superficial Back Line starts at the underside of the toes and runs on the bottom portion of the feet, up the Achilles, and the back of the calves. It continues up both hamstrings, onto the glutes, turning inward towards the lower back, running up along both sides of the spine, including the back of the neck, over the top of the head, and finishes above the eyebrows. Because it's a continuous line, the whole line can be affected by working on the bottom of the feet!


Here's how to Hack the system!


Step 1: Watch the included video on how to roll the bottom of the feet. Just watch it; wait to do it!

Step 2: Get a golf ball

Step 3: Test your forward fold. Better yet, have someone take a picture of your forward fold.

Step 4:  Roll the bottom of the feet, one at a time (wink, wink), and spend at least 1:30 seconds on each foot.

Step 5:  Test your forward fold again.


You should see and, more importantly, feel a significant improvement in your forward fold. But if you're one of the rare ones who don't see or feel improvement, please email us at [email protected]. We'd love to talk with you!


Jonny and Jessie



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