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Relieve or Eliminate Knee Pain with Two Simple Exercises

knee pain pilates prehab rehab knee pain running knee pain yoga Jul 22, 2021

Relieve or Eliminate Knee Pain with Two Simple Exercises

Knee pain can result from overuse, injury from contact sports or an accident, poor nutrition or range of motion deficit to name just a few.  Regardless of the reason, imbalance is the main cause of chronic knee pain.  Whether it's muscle imbalance or nutrition imbalance. 

Some of our most common solutions to fix knee pain only mask the issue of imbalance or worse yet, don't even consider imbalance as an issue.  But there are ways to take your healing into your own hands.  

The Zoom Class recording discusses common knee pain diagnosis, common ways to fix them and why they don't always work and then walks you through the two positions you can practice to re-balance the muscles that can reduce or eliminate knee pain. 

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