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1,000 Push Ups in 55 minutes!!!

Aug 20, 2020

Jon Hinds 1,000 Push Ups in 55 min!

Sometimes in life you gotta do things that scare you...that challenge you mentally, physically and i saw some young kid did 1,000 push ups in less than an hour...made me think...i did that 20 years ago...almost to the day!! SO i just said go and do it! So this is my video of how it went.

20 years ago i trained and planned to go for Jack Lalannes World Record of 1,000 in 23 minutes. As i was training i quickly realized you cannot do this in one set, you must have a game plan. And that is how i developed the 15/15 workout style that we've been doing ever since at the MBG. 15 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest until done is how i planned it:) Over the years we do 15/15's as they are called for 5, 10 or even 20 or more minutes. For the 1,000 push ups, my plan was 15/15 for 50 minute with sets of 10 and i will be done with all 1,000 push ups.

So as it began i felt pretty good, hitting 10 every 15 seconds, resting the other 15 seconds. Thats 100 reps every 5 minutes! I kept this pace until minute 30 and 600 reps!...then my lack of water and stamina here began to hit me pretty good. So i slowed down and began to pace myself.

LESSON HERE!!....whenever you are doing a timed workout you must have a game plan (mine was do the 15/15...never red line)....then as mike tyson said everybody can have a game plan until they get punched in the face. Well minute 30 is when i got my punch in the face.

So i had to keep grinding, just keep doing the best i could, sets of 5, then 5 breaths pacing. NO red line reps (that means failure reps) if possible. Knew i was very tired and thirsty as had to be smart to just keep pushing until i finished! 700, 800, 900 at 48 minutes....just keep chipping away and finished all 1,000 push ups at minute 55!

Doing this 1,000 push up challenge in under 1 hour scared me, i had not tried it in 20 years!! I did not train for it as i had before either so i really did not know how i'd do. THAT is the point here....this fear was my challenge.

Everyday i want to train in a manner that scares me, that makes me nervous, that makes me ask....can i do this? Not competing with anyone else but myself, my mind, my thoughts.

My BJJ instructor when i began was Rickson Gracie, he use to tell us we are never competing against others but are always simply competing against ourselves. Can you keep to your technique and not let your ego, your mind, your fear get in the way of actually practicing/applying your techniques and seeing if they really work! THAT was and still is an amazing outlook. I was not competing against some young kid, i was simply challenging myself, to do honest hard work, to challenge myself to stay after it even after my body started to crash and burn at minute 30.

What i learned....i tested myself and i prevailed, i mentally, physically and spiritually stayed the course. My mind tried to negatively influence me to quit, to tell me i'm too old or too heavy or this or that that we all hear daily. BUT i stayed in the moment, i just kept taking one step after another....and you know what?


Life is about helping self and others to RISE to a higher level. My goal with this video is to hopefully inspire you to step up and challenge yourself and thus others around something that scares you today so you may inspire others tomorrow!!

Peace my friends,


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